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HTTP Transparent Proxy
HTTP Anonymous Proxy (incl. SSL)
HTTP Elite Proxy (incl. SSL)
SOCKS 4, 5, 4 / 5 Proxy (common & uncommon Ports)

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Proxy Server Basics

What is a proxy server?

A Proxy (proxy server) is a server that acts as mediator between the client (the computer of a user) and server (the computer on the other ends of network connection on which the information requested by the user appears - for example a web server site.) When clients request data from an Internet resource, traffic goes from your web browser / application first through the proxy before it reaches the requested sources and back through the proxy. The proxy will transmit the data (information) to you.

Proxy servers may be used to bypass restrictions and limitations that the owner of the internet resource has set for users from specific country, region and users that fall into specific IP address ranges. For example if the website owner (webmaster) for whatever reason blocks access to the visitors from some countries the visitors from blocked country could use an open free proxy server from another countries and override the restriction. 

Type of Proxy Servers

HTTP Proxies

There are 3 types of HTTP proxies:

If you want to read more on dnscrypt-proxy in Russian you can do it here.

Fully anonymous (elite) proxies. Such proxies do not change request fields and look like real browser. You real IP is also hidden of course. People that administrating internet servers will think that you are not using any proxies.

Anonymous proxies also do not show your real IP but change the request fields, so it is very easy to detect that proxy while log analyzing. Nothing really matters, but some server administrators restrict the proxy requests.

Transparent proxies (not anonymous, simply HTTP) change the request fields, also they transfer the real IP. Such proxies are not applicable for security and privacy while surfing on the web. You can use them only for network speed improvement.

vpm files

Voice file used by Garmin for personal navigation GPS devices; contains voice data for speech style, such as American English; used to identify sound alerts as well as how navigation systems speak while driving. More can be found on page about vpm files. File used by Vox Proxy, a program used to create talking animated characters in presentations; contains scripted program instructions to invoke Vox Proxy functions; can be used to drive slide shows or animate talking characters.

Swan is a symbol of clean and secure Internet.

A proxy can have several uses.

The proxy can protect you: it can allow you to connect to the outside and prevent Internet computers from connecting to yours. This proxy protection feature is often included in firewalls, computers programmed to filter communications between networks (for example, between a corporate network and the Internet).

Proxy can hide information about your computer: Indeed, when you surf, all websites can know which site you come from, which browser you use, what your operating system, your IP address ... Some proxy hide this information. These proxies are called anonymous proxies.

The proxy can store the most requested pages. So if you ask several times the page, the proxy will give it to you immediately without going to look for it on If you're close to the proxy, it can speed things up. It is called proxy-cache. is a service that can track status of websites. Right now you can check the status of the current website or any other site as well.

In order to configure the proxy in Ubuntu, open the System settings, go to the Network item. Select Network Proxy. Change the method to Manual and enter your proxy settings. The disadvantage of this setting is that if you have a proxy with authorization by login and password, then you cannot specify this data, and the proxy will not work. If you'd like to read about setting up proxy in Spanish language, you can do it by clicking this link
You can configure the proxy at the system level through configuration files (True UNIX-way). To do this, open the file / etc / environment (for example sudo nano / etc / environment) for editing as root. Add lines to the end of the file:

You can use several proxy servers simultaneously. It is called "proxy chaining". Use the following settings in your browser: http://proxyA:portA/http://proxyB:portB/. Note: you may expect some speed loss in this way.

SOCKS Proxies

SOCKS is a protocol that relays TCP sessions at a firewall host to allow application users transparent access across the firewall. Because the protocol is independent of application protocols, it can be (and has been) used for many different services, such as telnet, ftp, finger, whois, gopher, WWW, etc. Access control can be applied at the beginning of each TCP session; thereafter the server simply relays the data between the client and the application server, incurring minimum processing overhead. Since SOCKS never has to know anything about the application protocol, it should also be easy for it to accommodate applications which use encryption to protect their traffic from nosey snoopers. No information about the client is sent to the server – thus there is no need to test the anonymity level of the SOCKS proxies.

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